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Spiritual Coffee

Spiritual Coffee Oracle Card Deck

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 I have created a unique, 44 card oracle deck. This is designed to use either on its own, or along with other tarot/oracle decks to add depth and further insight into any reading/divination. Each deck is shrink wrapped and comes in its own black velvet drawstring pouch. This is an oversized deck and measures 3.5" x 5.75". It is easy to shuffle and has a smooth surface that isn't sticky. Each card is numbered and has either a word or phrase on the top of it. There are 8 "specialty coffee" cards, and 36 "black coffee" cards. They are designed to all be shuffled together. There is no book included with this deck as I have designed it to be easy to use based on the guidance needed and question asked. As is fairly obvious, I'm sure, I have a love of coffee, and each card features a photo of coffee in one of it's forms. I have been using my own deck prior to putting these up for public sale and I love the way these cards work so well together. They also complement other oracle decks as well as tarot. This was a genuine labour of love for me and I hope that you all enjoy this deck as much as I do!

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