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Spiritual Coffee

Spiritual Coffee Gathering Place

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Having a place where you feel accepted and are surrounded and supported by those travelling a similar path as you is so valuable.  We all need community and we want to feel like we belong. I have created a paid membership space for just that.

Spiritual Coffee Gathering Place an private group where you can ask all of the questions and share similar experiences or just offer support to others and feel comfortable doing so. 
Within this private Facebook group, I will go live once a week so we can talk about whatever has come up during the week, answer questions, or offer my support wherever I can.  I will share various tips and information that are aimed to help on your spiritual path.
I will also be sharing some everyday witch topics along with rituals, simple spells and tools to enhance your personal practice.  This is also where members can share their own experiences, ask questions of other group members, and come together.

If this is something that you would like to be a part of, start here.