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Spiritual Coffee

Past Life Discovery

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Have you ever been someplace for the first time and it felt somehow familiar?  Do you have recurring dreams of a time and place that you can’t quite recall upon waking? Or are you simply curious as to who and what you were before this current lifetime?

In this reading, I tap into your soul’s memory and bring forward any times, places, events, or people of significance to you. This is a written reading in which you do not need to be present. I will meditate and begin channeling and writing whatever is shown to me. I cannot control the number of lifetimes that my guides allow me to see, I just go into these readings being open to whatever is available to be shared with me at the time.

All that is needed from you is your first name, but if there are places or events that you feel drawn to or have specific questions about, please share them with me as well. You can add them to the “special instructions” box when you view your cart.

I ask that you keep an open mind and heart and receive these messages with the love in which they are channeled. 

*Disclaimer* These readings are for entertainment purposes only. The written material provided is the property of Spiritual Coffee and may not be distributed or copied in any way.