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Spiritual Coffee

Live One Hour Session

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In this one hour live session done via video call, I connect with your guides as well as your higher self and bring through whatever messages and guidance that Spirit has for you. This is a relaxed, conversational setting where I use my intuitive energy scanning abilities, my psychic abilities, and even tarot cards to tune into the messages that will bring you the most clarity, guidance, validation, and empowerment.


Messages can include past life images, planetary being messages, mediumship, honestly whatever needs to come through will. These are different each and every time and I never know what will come through for the sitter. 

Once I have received your booking I will forward a scheduling link to you. 

**This reading is for entertainment purposes only.  I will not answer any questions with regards to death, illness, or legal matters.  If you need advice or guidance in those areas, please seek out the appropriate professionals.**