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Spiritual Coffee

Crystal Healing Session

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These sessions are around 60 minutes long and are done remotely.  I begin by doing an intuitive energy scan of you and identifying the areas that need attention.  I then select the crystals that I am guided to use for each area. Once I'm done focusing the healing properties of the selected crystal for each area of your body, you will receive a written summary from me that includes the crystals that I worked with and affirmations for your own healing should you choose to do so.

Based off of the intake form that you will fill out prior to your session, your needs will be determined and your healing session and crystals used will be tailored to you.

Whether you'd like to release something from your physical, emotional, or spiritual life, or increase something in those areas, you can let me know and together we will embrace the energy of the crystal world to help facilitate your desired outcome.

This is a non-invasive energy healing and it's effectiveness will vary from client to client.  I approach each healing session with the intention of the highest and best outcome for you and each session is conducted through love, peace, and empowerment.